The power of the Elven Imperial Navy has been waning for centuries, turning from an elite fighting force to a bloated bureaucracy enforcing elven sovereignty in the Know Universes. Neogi slavers and Gith Pirates run rampant striking from outer reaches. The stars have become a dark and dangerous place, and the worst part is that sightings of The Spelljammer are being reported across the galaxies.

“In his final days the Corsair sundered the Crown and hid the gems across the galaxy to prevent them from falling into the Wolf’s jaws. With the courage of the Lion the Corsair battled against his foes.

In the end the Scorpion and the Serpent wore down the Corsair’s Bull like endurance. His fleet scattered and his spoils being picked over like Crabs on a drowned corpse.

His most loyal captain took the Corsair’s body and fled. He brought the body to the monks. The monks plotted the location of the Corsair’s tomb course using the charts of the divine."

An excerpt from The Temporae Sphaera

The Crown of the Stars - A Spelljammer 5e Tale

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