The Rock of Bral

The Rock of Bral, more commonly just called “The Rock,” is a merchant city of humans and humanoids situated on an asteroid. The Rock is about 1 mile long, half that in width and depth. The long axis of the rock is a rough oval shape.

The Rock at a Glance

The City
The city of Bral is divided into High City, Middle City and Low City. The High City runs along the trailing half of the asteroid and is dominated by the mansions of the Merchant council. A long wall with numerous checkpoints separates High City from Low City.

Gravity Plane
The central plane of gravity runs lengthwise through the Rock. The “Upper” half of the Rock is dominated by the City of Bral itself. The “Lower” half is property of the Deep Core Mining Guild, and used as a base for it’s private fleet.

Lake Bral
Bral has a large chasm just forward of Deep Core mining guild’s citadel, filled with water, which provides most of the water needs of the population. The chasm runs below the gravity plane of the asteroid, so that Lake Bral has two surfaces: one on the “top” of the asteroid, the other in a cavern deep within the heart of the Rock. Activate animal cultures and “clean-up crew”-type monsters take care of most of the wastes.

The Edge
The Rock slopes away sharply from its top and bottom, forming cliffs which serve as a barrier from one side to the other. Internal passages often make transit easier, but the would-be rock climber runs the risk of falling off the Rock.

The “lower” half of the Rock is property of the Deep Core Mining Guild and used both as a station for its naval units and as a parkland to provide food and air for the Rock. The bulk of the underside is fields where convicted criminals and “debtors” (indentured slaves) do most of the work. Most of the Rock’s naval units are found in an underside hangar. The largest buildings on the underside are the Citadel, a large, powerful fortress used in times of war, and the Vanes. The Vanes are huge sails made of the wing-leather of a radiant dragon. Though they provide no propulsion, the Vanes are deployed to provide some steering controls to the ship in dangerous situations (like passing too close to a planet).

Port of bral

The Docks
Most ships approach Bral from the leading edge, where a set of wooden docks extends into wildspace to take in new arrivals (landing a ship in the city without the council’s permission is a major offense, good for a few months on underside as a field hand). Caverns at the gravity plane extend into the Rock itself, where storage areas have been established with hoists to the warehouses “upside”.

The Rock of Bral

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